Flowspec lab #fail

List of things that don’t support Flowspec:

1) Quagga does not support flowspec

2) Juniper SRX does not support flowspec

3) ExaBGP supports flowspec but is not a listening service – it establishes connections only (note as of 1/13/2014 ExaBGP does support listening services but I have not yet tested it)

4) Cisco does not support flowspec

So – if you want to play with FlowSpec — it looks like a high end Juniper router and ExaBGP are two good choices.

Maybe an olive vm would also work?


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  1. Thomas Mangin

    Good news, the latest versions of ExaBGP (3.2.x) not only accept incoming connection but can decode Flow Routes. Very experimental – it does not see much real life deployment yet, but it is there :-)

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